Will Amazon Take On Eddie Murphy’s ‘Coming To America’ Sequel Because Of Uncertain Theatrical Marketplace?

Is the slumping theatrical marketplace about to lose another plum film title from the movie marquee?

Deadline hears there is a deal brewing between Amazon and Paramount to move Eddie Murphy’s Coming to America sequel to a streaming premiere. Paramount had the picture slated for a Christmas release, but the uncertainty of the marketplace — as evidenced by the low U.S. grosses of movies like Tenet. It is not a done deal but the talks are serious, I hear.

There is no sign of when the country’s two biggest markets, New York and Los Angeles, will reopen, and next year’s schedule will be severely crowded with all kinds of event films. There is a revenue event to be had here, and sources said that this transaction is likely going to be worth $125 million to Paramount, which no longer has the burden of waiting to see if things get better in the theaters. It is a big blow to the traditional theatrical marketplace. The original did $288 million in global ticket sales in 2008.

In the sequel, Murphy’s ruler of Zamunda character Akeem learns he has a long-lost son in the United States and must return to America to meet the unlikely heir to the throne. Craig Brewer directed.

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