Will Gemma and Chesney keep their quadruplets in Coronation Street?

Gemma (Dolly-Rose Campbell) and Chesney (Sam Aston) are in for a pregnancy shocker tonight on Coronation Street as they discover that Gemma isn’t just having a baby – she’s having four!

Chesney thought Gemma’s dodgy stomach was down to her drinking, but it turned out that the reason why Gemma can’t keep anything down is that she’s expecting.

The morning sickness isn’t getting any better however, and Chesney and Rita Tanner (Barbara Knox) try, and fail at first, to get Gemma to see a doctor.

Stubborn Gemma will only be swayed after she collapses, and Chesney insists on taking her to the hospital.

Gemma and Chesney are both well-aware that twins run in her family, but even so, they’re still in for a massive surprise as the scan reveals that Gemma is having quadruplets!

The pair aren’t only about to get what will probably be the biggest shock of their lives so far, they’ll also have a very big decision to make…

Will Chesney and Gemma keep their quadruplets?

Four babies can be a lot to handle for anyone, and Gemma and Chesney aren’t exactly on the smoothest of ground.

Their differing personalities have already led to some clashes between the two, with Chesney’s tendency to be more straight-laced contrasting pretty starkly with Gemma’s chill party girl charm.

Adding one baby into that mix would be a challenge, much less four!

Even if their relationship was on perfectly stable ground, there’s still the health implications of having quads to consider, with premature birth being a significant risk.

We can however reveal that, even though Chesney and Gemma are given the option of ‘selective termination’, they opt to accept the risk and keep all four of their babies.

That means they’ll soon be preparing to fill a house with five kids – no pressure!

Will their relationship be able to handle the strain? And will Gemma be able to have a healthy pregnancy?

You’d better stay tuned…

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