Will the Jonas Brothers Break Up Again? The Surprising Advice They got From Dr. Phil

The Jonas Brothers are back together and fans are rejoicing about their reunion… but will they break up again? It’s a worry that fans understandably have, given their sudden split in 2013. In a new interview, the brothers shed a little light on the possibility of the band breaking up again.

The Jonas Brothers reunited after a long break

It was a devastating moment back in 2013 to hear that the band was no more. At the time, it wasn’t initially clear who initiated the talk of the Jonas Brothers breaking up, but it eventually came out that Nick was the one who wanted out.

In a recent interview with Wonderland magazine, the brothers explained why the break was so necessary, with Nick sharing: “There was definitely a strain emotionally that was being put on all of us. We had such a specific way of doing things for so long and I think as we got older and tried to progress artistically, we got stuck in those old ways so our music suffered and our general vibe with each other and ability to communicate in a healthy way no longer existed.”

Nick added, “I think it was always a priority for us to protect the family first and make sure that nothing ever complicated that relationship too much.”

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It was a difficult conversation

Nick then admitted that he was the one who initiated the conversation, which was not an easy one to have, explaining, “I said ‘I feel like I’ve got music in my heart and in my head that I want to make and I feel like with all the stress that we’ve been going through together this isn’t the right thing for us to do anymore.’”

The brothers reunited this year, releasing new music and a documentary and they have a tour and book on the horizon. Things are going great for the bros, but there’s always the worry that they’ll call it quits again.

Will the Jonas Brothers break up again?

During an interview on the Elvis Duran Show, the Jonas Brothers were asked if another split could happen and the guys shared that they got some surprisingly solid advice from none other than Dr. Phil.

Joe shared: “We got really good advice from Dr. Phil recently and he was talking about his own relationship with his wife and how the word the D word ‘divorce’ is just off the table always and for us we kind of took that as a band we’re like look let’s not ever use that ‘breakup’ word again because it’s just it’s so heavy.”

He continued, “If we need time off but we needed to say ‘you know what, let’s take a sec and work on separate projects,’ we can do that and we can feel comfortable in that that way where we’re not like putting too much pressure on, no ‘we need to go on tour for 400 years’… let’s just take our time and Nick go do Jumanji eight or nine whatever… and we get to still be the Jonas Brothers but also in our separate lives.”

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