A cruel dad dropped his son, 5, at my school and is refusing to pick him up after shocking DNA test | The Sun

A CRUEL dad dropped his five-year-old son off at school and refused to pick him up after finding out he wasn't the boy's father.

The youngster was left stranded at his school in Guangxi province, China for five days after his dad failed to show up.

The boy, referred to as Xiao Rui in local reports, was left with a change of clothes and a mobile phone in his school bag, the South China Morning Post reports.

When the boy's dad was contacted by a concerned teacher, named Chen, he is said to have told her he wouldn't be picking him up as a DNA test showed he wasn't his son.

Chen said the kid had joined the school in April this year and his dad had dropped him off and picked him up every day.

After failing to fetch him last week, the father is reported to have told Chen that Xiao was now the school's responsibility.

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And the teacher was unable to track down Xiao's mum and found the boy's home empty when she visited.

The cops were able to get in touch with the boy's grandad and uncle – but they reportedly refused to take him in.

According to Nanning Radio and Television Station, Xiao's mum is set to collect him from the school this week.

Users on Weibo – China's version of Twitter – slammed Xiao's parents.

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One said: “How innocent the boy is! The mum was unbelievably irresponsible."

Another wrote: "Other people’s children are pampered like babies, but he has to face the cruelty of the adult world."

A third said: “Obviously, the father had talked with his wife and relatives and no one wanted the boy, which forced him to leave the kid in the kindergarten."

Under Chinese laws, the dad has not committed a crime as the boy is allegedly not his biological son.

But the mum could be jailed if she refuses to look after him, a lawyer told local media.

Parents abandoning their kids is not uncommon in China – but the number of orphans has dropped in recent years.

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