A mullet selling mullet: Pak’nSave Facebook post goes viral

The only thing better than a good mullet is a solid wordplay, and supermarket chain Pak’nSave struck gold with both on Facebook.

A post by the Taupō Pak’nSave has gone viral, featuring a staff member with a mullet, posing by a whole heap of mullet fish for sale.

“Taupō’s finest mullet bringing you Taupō’s freshest mullet,” the Pak’nSave social media team posted as a caption.

The post has received thousands of reactions and hundreds of comments and shares, from people very pleased about the hairstyle and the wordplay.

Taupō’s finest mullet bringing you Taupō’s freshest mullet.While stocks last.

“10/10 WOULD USE TONGS THAT ARE PROVIDED,” one Facebook user commented, referring to the sign next to the fish that asks customers to do exactly that.

“Give that man a pay rise,” another Facebook user requested.

The staff member in the photo has, according to comments from people who know him, good manners to boot: “And the beautiful manners he has makes your day brighter,” one person said.

“Once again NZ cements their position in the mullet rankings,” another Facebook user said.

Tyler Huff, the Pak’nSave staff member in the photo, has been dubbed “the mullet king”. He jumped on the comments to thank everyone.

“Thanks for the support team,” he wrote.

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