Adorable dachshund spots owners new pet camera – but can’t work out what to do

A Ring doorbell has given the owners of an adorable dachshund an insight into what he gets up to when they're gone.

Monty's dog mum Emma said her pet pooch usually waits by the door when she and her partner leave for work.

The couple installed a Ring camera at Monty's low level, only to accidentally capture the moment he clocks on that they've left the device there.

In the clip, the pooch slowly walks towards the camera before giving it a good sniff to try to work out what it is.

“That camera was set up in that particular location, as when Monty is left for short periods of time, we like to monitor him, and he tends to sit and wait by the front door,” Emma explained.

"I was in hysterics as to how he reacted to the camera. Ring security system gives us peace of mind to know we can watch him and know he is safe.”

Reacting to the cute video, which was posted online by Ring, viewers were in hysterics, too.

"He looks around like “what do I do now?” Super cute," wrote Teresa Kiersznowski under the post. "Gosh, he's so cute!! Awwwwwwwwwww," added another user.

Another said: "Omg up close and personal love it. Adorable too."

A fourth person hit the nail on the head by saying: "He knows that something is going on, but he can’t just quite figure out what it is."

The video has nearly 41,000 views and more one thousand likes.

This follows two adorable dachshunds performing a happy feet dance on a boat, earlier in September.

Tilda and Greta, both American miniature dachshunds, decided to stand at the front of the boat when their owner, Carola Sander, took them out for a fun ride.

In a video posted on to their dedicated channel on Instagram, 11-year-old Greta leans on the gunnel of the boat while looking down to the water as they sail in Lemmer, Netherlands.

The excited dog couldn't contain her excitement and starts tapping her tiny feet rhythmically on the board.

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