Amazon truck drives through the front door of a Georgia home

‘Delivery notification: Package has arrived… in your living room’: Amazon driver smashes his truck through the front door of a Georgia home

  • Amazon driver accidentally crashed van into a home in Roswell, Georgia
  • Incident last week left the Mercedes vehicle embedded in the front door
  • Roswell Police released photos and joked the driver had left a note saying the package was ‘inside your living room’
  • The parking brake had been left off, say police, but no one was injured 
  • It is the second Amazon crash in the state in four months after a driver in Covington, Georgia, crashed their van into a garage door

An Amazon delivery driver accidentally crashed his truck through the front door of a home in Georgia.

Police in the city of Roswell, near Atlanta, posted photos of the incident last week on Facebook captioned: ‘DELIVERY NOTIFICATION: Package has arrived. LOCATION: Inside your living room.’

The crash took place last Wednesday afternoon when the driver for the $1.7trillion internet delivery service took their Mercedes van down a road next to Lake Cherful. 

The driver exited the vehicle to make the drop-off, but the van then rolled backwards, across the street and down a slope, gaining speed until it embedded itself in the house’s front-door. No one was injured.  

Roswell Police joked that when it came to delivering a parcel, the driver had: ‘The accuracy of a 300-club bowler.’

Roswell Police released a photo on Facebook of an Amazon delivery truck that accidentally crashed into the front door of a home in Georgia last week, after the parking brake was left off

They posted a second photo showing the long slope that the van rolled down, avoiding trees on either side, gathering speed, before it embedded itself in the home. No one was injured

In statement posted on Facebook, Roswell Police wrote: ‘One of our officers responded to a private property crash this week and was greeted by this sight. A delivery truck had apparently suffered a parking-brake failure, and rolled backward from a driveway across the street, striking the front door of a residence with the accuracy of a 300-club bowler.’

 It is unclear who will be financially liable for the extensive damage to the property, with Amazon reportedly distancing itself from its drivers who remain responsible for incidents on the road.   

In October last year, footage of a similar crash in the same state went viral on TikTok and was viewed more than three million times.   

Security footage showed a female Amazon driver getting out of the vehicle and leaving the door open, as she hurries to make the delivery in Covington, Georgia.  

Trevor Mckinley who owns the house heard the crash outside, but put it down to construction work going on next door.

The crash took place in the city of Roswell, in Georgia (pictured in a stock photo), which is outside of Atlanta

Footage shows the van drive over the edge of the lawn and on to the driveway before the courier exits the vehicle.    

Running in front of the car, the driver hurls the parcel at the front porch before taking a picture.

It appears that, as well as forgetting to close the van door, the delivery driver may also have failed to secure the handbrake properly.

The van moves slowly from its space beside the front path, rolling down what appears to be a gentle slope, towards the garage and colliding with a thud.

The crash was the second to take place in four months in the state after footage emerged in October last year of an Amazon driver in Covington, Georgia

In the video, viewed more than three million ties on TikTok, the driver leaves the van and sprints to drop off a package

Unfortunately, she has forgotten to put the parking brake on, and the van rolls forward into the garage

She is seen on the CCTV failing to get to the van in time, which has embedded itself in the garage door

The driver makes a getaway and does a four-point turn to try and reposition the van out of the driveway.

When trying to get away, the courier even hit the silt fence of the construction site on the other side of the road.   

Amazon has previously faced criticism for shielding itself from liability for accidents involving its drivers.  

In 2019 The New York Times teamed up with ProPublica to investigate the company’s policy for leaving drivers to shoulder the responsibility for accidents. 

In the article an Amazon operations manager reportedly said that ‘delivery service partners’ assume all liability and responsibility for legal costs including ‘all loss or damage to personal property or bodily harm including death.’

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