Anti-vax bootcamp preparing members to ‘fight evil’ by opposing jab roll-out

An anti-vax group will lead a bootcamp with the aim of preparing its members to “fight the evil” of the Covid jab roll-out.

Hundreds of anti-vax protestors, led by the sinister group Alpha Men Assemble, are preparing to gather in the Scottish countryside in Lanarkshire.

They claim they will take “direct action” to stop the “forced vaccination” of children, the Daily Record reports.

Members planning to attend the training event at Strathclyde Park on January 29 have been urged to get training in the gym to enable them to “fight the evil.”

Those attending the group’s training events around the UK have also been told to wear a “black uniform, black boots and a black hat.”

The group has become highly active in recent months and has attracted support from men opposed to the roll-out of the coronavirus vaccine.

And now the Scottish ­Government has hit out, saying their views need to be “ignored.”

A Scottish Government spokesperson said: “Covid-19 vaccinations are entirely voluntary in Scotland and those for children will only take place with the ­appropriate consent.

“Getting vaccinated saves lives and helps protect the NHS by making it much less likely that people will need hospital treatment if they do get Covid.

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“Deliberately spreading ­misinformation about the vaccine is irresponsible and reckless and anyone doing so should be ignored.”

The spokesperson added: “Any claims that Covid-19 vaccinations are mandatory for children or adults in Scotland are entirely false.”

Police Scotland is also aware of the event, with a spokesperson saying: “Officers will give the area passing attention and engage with anyone in ­attendance.”

The group on social media site Telegram has sent a number of messages urging people to avoid taking any vaccines or using masks in public places.

The group’s leader “Matthew” told followers in one video: “You think we are riff-raff extremists. I tell you we are you. We are each and every one of you.

“We are checkout staff. We are warehouse workers. We are builders, we are boxers, we are kickboxers, we are MMA fighters, we are farmers.

“Anybody with a tiny little bit of humanity left understands the violence that will be inflicted on our kids if we allow a government power grab over our bodies, our medical treatments, with stipulations.”

He added: “If you think that we are going to condemn our kids to endless vaccines and medical treatments stipulated to a vaccine pass to get entry in different buildings in our country, you are very, very, very much mistaken.”

The group now has more than 4,000 members, increasing by 1,000 in one week.

It has hosted several meetings in recent weeks for “training and strategy tactics.”

As well as the meet-up near ­Motherwell, a similar event is due to take place in Staffordshire later this month.

A group member known as “Samuel” – who coordinates the ­Scottish group – told the Daily Record: “Be on the right side of history do your job.”

He said he was submitting a crime report to the police over the “damage the vaccine is doing.”

He added: “Of note and hugely significant, allegations were made of the most serious crimes being committed by a number of named ­Government ministers, civil servants and the bosses of UK news networks.”

With no supporting evidence, he claimed these crimes included “murder,” “blackmail” and “crimes against humanity.”

Scottish Conservative community safety spokesman Russell Findlay said: “It’s not exactly clear what this rabble plan to ‘take action’ against.

“While it’s tempting to dismiss them as incoherent conspiracy cranks, they’re acting in a way that could intimidate the law-abiding majority of Scots who understand that vaccines save lives and protect the NHS.

"I have no doubt that Police Scotland will have the measure of any group seeking to put public safety at risk.”

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