Arthur Labinjo-Hughes' killers pictured relaxing in hot tub while tortured boy was forced to stand for hours in hallway

THE smiling killers of little Arthur Labinjo-Hughes shared pictures of themselves relaxing in a hot tub as the youngster was forced t stand for hours in the hallway.

Vile stepmum Emma Tustin, 32, and his dad Thomas Hughes, 29, splashed out on the tub during last year's spring heatwave, while Arthur was left roasting in a fluffy onesie.

The pair were pictured grinning with damp hair after cooling off in the water in an Instagram post just six weeks before Arthur was murdered.

They even assembled a netted gazebo around the tub to protect themselves from the sweltering sun, as well as installing a £350 double hanging garden chair to unwind on.

The cruel couple seemed to relish in Arthur's misery while being confined to the hallway in the heat – scoffing ice cream and McDonald's as he starved.

Shocking CCTV footage obtained exclusively by The Sun showed the devilish duo feasting on the goodies at Tustin's Solihull home.

Hughes had bought the cones from a passing van and tauntingly walked past Arthur holding them before the couple tucked in.

Tustin shared snaps boasting of her selfish spending habits on social media while the six-year-old cried out for food and wore the same pyjamas for five days in a row.

She showed off a pair of Nike Air trainers and a games console after splurging on an early birthday "treat" for herself.

The 32-year-old was caged for life with a minimum of 29 years after being convicted of murdering the tragic Arthur.

​​His dad Thomas Hughes, 29, was also caged for 21 years after being found guilty of manslaughter.

The six-year-old was isolated, poisoned and starved in his final months before twisted Tustin’s fatal attack where she banged his head repeatedly against a hard surface.

Arthur's frail and skeletal body was covered with 130 bruises and he suffered 93 different areas of injury – including on his head, arms, legs, feet and torso.

The court heard he was subjected to a"campaign of cruelty" that matched the “medical definition of child torture” during the grisly seven-week trial.

Tustin recorded more than 22 pictures and videos of Arthur in distress highlighting the horrific abuse he was suffering.

Jurors were forced to sit through haunting clips of the frail young boy crying out "no one loves me" and "no one is going to feed me" repeatedly.

Arthur's grieving grandad Peter Halcrow called for the pair to be locked up for life as a national probe was ordered into monumental blunders by authorities.

“They must never see the light of day again. No punishment could ever be enough for this pair.

"I have never favoured the death penalty because I know mistakes can be made by courts, but in my view they have forfeited their right to live.

“It will burden taxpayers but, as we don’t have capital punishment, they should certainly never leave prison as long as they live for such cruelty and inhumanity.”

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