BBC Weather: Sun shines amid heavy rain and 70mph gusts ‘Could cause some damage!’

BBC Weather: Parts of UK to be hit by 70mph gusts

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Weatherman Matt Taylor warned told BBC Breakfast that 70mph gusts are set to blast parts of the United Kingdom amid heavy rainfall for western regions. The meteorologist told the BBC on Sunday conditions in the south-east were more favourable with temperatures as expected for the time of year. However, the south will likely still see the odd shower swept in from the west coast during the course of the day. 

Mr Taylor told BBC Breakfast: “After yesterday’s relentless rain it is going to be a mixture of sunshine and showers.

“Showers most frequent in the west but turning windy again.”

The weatherman highlighted an area of heavy cloud which has gathered in the far north of Scotland.

He said: “It’s producing gusts of winds 60, 70mph in Shetland through this morning.

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“That could cause some damage, certainly a bit of disruption as well.”

Mr Taylor continued: “Outbreaks of rain curled around that but away from it dry, sunny starts for many eastern areas.

“The cloud we have in the moment in East Anglia, some rain on the coast clearing away.

“Lot of the day dry some of those showers will be driven eastward through the day as the breeze picks up.”

BBC Weather: Parts of UK set for 'damaging' gusts of wind

He added: “In the breeze coming in from a southwesterly direction it will feel cool especially if the showers are with you.

“But out of it shouldn’t feel to bad.

“Temperatures around where they should be for early October.

“Around 11 to 17 degrees.”


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“Cooler of all of course where we have got the strongest of the winds in the north of Scotland.

“More persistent rain pushing into the highlands later.

“This evening and overnight a few showers will continue particularly across some southern and westerly areas.

“Temperatures done into single figures some as we go into tomorrow morning.”

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