BLM protester hit by CAR in Rochester while Pittsburgh demonstrators harass restaurant diners on fiery Labor Day Weekend

A BLACK Lives Matter Protester was hit by a car in New York Friday as tensions hit boiling point.

Cops in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania have also launched an investigation into an incidentr where BLM protesters allegedly harassed restaurant diners, as anti-racism protests took place along the US on Labor Day Weekend.

Social media was flooded with footage from the largely peaceful protests across the weekend, punctuated with scenes of violent clashes – including the moment one man is mown down by a car.

In the shocking footage a red car can be seen driving directly into a group of protesters standing at an intersection in Rochester, New York.

Screams and shouts can be heard as the car drives directly through the group, spraying an unknown substance at them.

A sickening thud can be heard and a woman screams as a man rolls across the car's bonnet and crashes to the ground.


The protester who shared the footage said: "The driver was not arrested at the scene. Volunteer medics responded to the injured protestors."

She added throughout the course of the evening she was also hit with rubber bullets and pepper sprayed during confrontations with Rochester's Police Department.

In more shocking footage from the weekend, protesters can be seen charging into a restaurant in Pittsburgh and calling diners "embarassments".

Video shows one man downing an elderly couple's beer as another smashes glasses on the ground.

In footage taken by FreedomNews TV, diners looked terrified as protesters smashed the customer's glasses in front of their faces, broke plates, overturned chairs, and chanted at them to leave the eatery.

"We're shutting your party down," one woman is seen shouting in the face of a diner.

"No need to run," a protester told one woman whose clothing got tangled as she tried to run from the crowd.

"If you don't give us our s**t, we shut s**t down," the crowd chants.

Cops were called out to several marches over the weekend as racial tensions bubble over in the wake of the shooting of Jacob Blake, and the deaths ofDaniel Prude and George Floyd.

In Rochester, twelve arrests were made on Sunday while cops deployed rubber bullets and pepper spray.

Actrivists who refused requests to disperse also hurled bottles, rocks and fireworks at cops.


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