Bloke sliced terrified woman’s hand with machete he pulled from his pants

A woman has been left terrified after her ex-boyfriend sliced her hand with a machete he pulled from his pants.

Maddy Brown, 20, was left scarred for life needing 11 stiches after Kelly Hughes, also 20, attacked her with the weapon.

Hughes was jailed earlier this week for 16 months at Caernarfon Crown Court for unlawful wounding and attempting to pervert the course of justice.

But he was released “imminently”, after already having spent eight months on remand, North Wales Live reports.

Meanwhile Maddy has been left suffering nightmares and panic attacks after the incident, after which she spent hours in hospital receiving 11 stitches.

Speaking to North Wales Live, she said: "I met Kelly roughly 11 months ago, he came across as a decent, pleasant and easy-going boy, over the course of the time we got close.

"We slowly slipped into a state of relationship with one another but it ended fairly quickly afterwards and we agreed being friends was the best choice.

"On the night of the incident, I was out with Kelly having a drink in Rhyl, when I decided I wanted to go home as it was getting late, so I phoned my cousin to come and pick me up.

"Kelly insisted on coming in the car after being told no several times, he said he’d put fuel in the car and buy us some food so not thinking anything of it, we thought no harm would come of this so ended up letting him come.

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"After an agitated phone call, he decided he wanted to get dropped off in Colwyn Bay to meet a guy for a fight.

"Once we got into Colwyn Bay we saw the lad he was meant to be fighting, along with many other people and he insisted that we carry on driving as he was scared to get out of the car."

It was then that Maddy said things took a "drastic change."

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"His attitude and behaviour scared me. Kelly refused to leave the car unless I came with him and pulled out a machete from his trousers.

"I had been with him all night and was shocked beyond words to see it."

In her attempts to grab the weapon from Hughes, Maddy suffered two deep cuts to her hand.

She said: "The knife was about one-foot long and cut through my hand like butter. I could have lost the use of my hand and Kelly seemed to have no remorse.

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"Following the incident, I have become very nervous around sudden movements and suffer from pain in my hand. I have nightmares and panic attacks."

The court heard that the following day Hughes rang Maddy.

He said she did not have to make a complaint, he would get "years" and offered her money to withdraw her statement.

But Maddy recorded the phone call and gave the evidence to police.

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She said: "It was obvious he only thought about himself. I am scarred for life and could have lost my hand, but all he could think about was getting away without punishment."

Simon Killeen, defending Hughes, said it had been a highly dangerous weapon but that it had not been an intentional strike.

Judge Saffman told Hughes: "You did not intend to slice the hand of Ms Brown. It had been "reckless not intentional".

The judge also imposed a five-year restraining order to prevent Kelly from contacting Maddie directly or indirectly or referring to her on social media or getting someone else to do so.

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Reacting to the sentence, Maddy said she feels "extremely let down" by the justice system.

She said: "Knife crime is the worst crime, but even worse when someone goes out intentionally with a knife. Now he's back out on the streets."

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