Boris Johnson 'would be a security risk' as PM amid fears enemies could use his personal life as blackmail, rivals say

BORIS Johnson could be a security risk as his enemies might use his private life to blackmail him, his rivals have claimed.

As the campaign to stop Boris becoming PM began in earnest, supporters of Jeremy Hunt said the Brexiteer did not "deserve" to lead the country unless he answered questions about his "character."

It comes just hours after the police were called to the home he shared with girlfriend Carrie in south London over reports of an explosive row.

Yesterday Boris dodged the question several times during the first live hustings with the two PM contenders.

The campaign to stop Boris from getting into No10 was intensified this weekend as the campaign goes to the Tory voters:

  • Cabinet ministers teamed up to warn that Boris' Brexit plans were impossible
  • Tory donors might abandon their support for the party, it was claimed
  • Polls showed Boris was hit by a slump after his row with his girlfriend on Friday night
  • Carrie's ex lifted the lid on their "emotionally charged" relationship
  • Tories fear Boris could be ousted on his first day in No10 with a no confidence vote
  • And Mrs May was told she must say to the Queen that Boris won't command a majority in the Commons
  • Rival Jeremy Hunt trolled Boris with a snap of him with a laptop at Heathrow airport

One Cabinet minister who is backing Mr Hunt told The Sunday Times: "There will be things in his private life that we don’t know about.

"There’s the danger that people leak what they have over him or blackmail him with it."

The views were shared by a second Cabinet minister, the paper reported.

But Boris' team dismissed as “absurd” claims that he was a blackmail threat, and that it was “nonsense” donors would be put off if he became prime minister.

One source said: “Boris will raise more money for the Tory party than it has ever seen.”

Liz Truss said today of the pair's row: "It’s a private matter. I don’t think the public are concerned about things like that.

"He served eight years as London Mayor. People know what he’s like in office and that’s what’s important."

And there were also reports that MPs told Theresa May that she must inform the Queen that he can't form a majority in the Commons.

And Sir Mick Davies, the Tory Party chief executive, allegedly warned ministers that the party's top donors will stop giving money if he becomes leader.

Last night three Cabinet ministers David Lidington, Rory Stewart and David Gauke all teamed up to slam Boris' ideas of leaving without a deal but also having an implementation period.

Mr Gauke said it wasn't a "credible" strategy and added: "It's not that difficult".

The PM's deputy, Mr Lidington, added: "Erm… No Deal exit = no Withdrawal Agreement = no Implementation Period."

Senior Tories also fear that Boris might not be in No10 for long, as he could face a no confidence vote on day ONE of power.

No10 expects Jeremy Corbyn to waste no time and try and bring the Government down as soon as he gets in.

And due to Boris' divisive reception from some Tories, there are real fears he could lose the vote.

If they can't form a Government within 14 days that can command a majority in the House, then an election will be triggered.

But Boris-backer Ms Truss insisted this morning on Radio 5 Live that he will call Remainer Tory MPs' bluff

She said:"I don’t believe in those circumstances colleagues would bring down a Conservative Government and let in Jeremy Corbyn, a Marxist".

Mr Hunt took the chance to troll Boris earlier today by posting a snap of himself with a laptop – something Carrie and BoJo were heard arguing about last week.

And he said he would back a third runway at Heathrow, something Boris said he would lay down in front of the bulldozers to stop.

In the early hours of Friday morning Boris and Carrie had the police come to the flat they share in Camberwell over reports of a fuming row.

She was allegedly heard shouting “get off me” and “get out of my flat” during a bust-up at their home.

One neighbour said they heard what appeared to be an angry ­confrontation and recorded it because they feared for Carrie’s safety.

In a recording of the row taken by the pair, Johnson can allegedly be heard refusing to leave the flat and telling his girlfriend to “get off my f***ing laptop” before a loud crash is heard.

Carrie then reportedly told him he had ruined a sofa with red wine and added: “You just don’t care for anything because you’re spoilt. You have no care for money or anything.”

Today we told how Carrie has said to pals she is too scared to return to her £750,000 flat after being subjected to what she believes to be a hate campaign.

A Boris camp insider said: “As far as Carrie is concerned this is a stitch-up. Both she and Boris are convinced that this was politically-motivated."

Carrie hasn't been seen in public since the incident, but Boris broke cover yesterday to attend a hustings event in Birmingham.

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