Boy, 12, dies suddenly on Christmas Day after mum's desperate battle to save him

A 12-year-old schoolboy tragically died suddenly on Christmas Day after his mum battled to save him.

Cason Hallwood had woken up seeming healthy and excited for the big day before heading out to see family and friends.

He had been with his mum, Louise, and three brothers at home in Winsford, Cheshire.

But after enjoying Christmas dinner with his grandparents the youngster collapsed in a nearby park hours later.

He complained of being unable to breathe before calling his mum and falling ill, reports Cheshire Live.

Louise desperately rushed to Wharton Recreation Park to give Cason – who suffered from asthma and a nut allergy – a shot from his epinephrine autoinjector.

He tragically died at Leighton Hospital in Crewe after medics raced him to get help.

Sam Decruz, a family friend, said: "It's really sad, to lose a child is awful but on Christmas Day too, it's heartbreaking.

"Cason was always with his mum, he loved his mum to pieces.

"He was very boisterous, always breaking things, Louise was forever having to replace stuff but he never did it intentionally.


"As a parent myself I cannot comprehend the pain that Louise and her three other sons are feeling right now.

"Its something no parent should ever have to go through. On any day let alone Christmas day."

Doctors think Cason died after suffering an anaphylactic shock, with a post-mortem examination due to be carried out.

Sam set up a fundraising page to help support the family and pay for the funeral.

After £8,460 was raised she wrote: "Louise is humbled and overwhelmed with the love shown, but at this time shes not ready to reply.

"But she sees everything. So thank you all so much."

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