Brazen thieves break into garden and snatch ‘rare’ bulldog puppy from kennel

A young couple and their three-year-old daughter were left heartbroken when they found their bulldog puppy went missing.

Caitlyn Richardson, 24, and partner Anth Tye, 31, received a call from their neighbour that their gate had been unscrewed and that two men snatched one of their dogs at around 7:15am on Thursday.

They rushed back home and confirmed that Kaos, a 10-month-old lilac American bulldog was stolen from the kennel outside their house in Roseworth, Stockton.

Security cameras installed outside the gate and the kennel show two brazen thieves break into their garden and unlock the kennel to tempt Kaos out.

A man blurs the camera as the driver steps out of the blue MG and pries open the gate.

Another clip captures a hooded man opening the kennel where Kaos stays. He waits for awhile before going in and drags Kaos out of the cage.

The pair scurry back to the car and quickly drive off the property.

Caitlyn believed Kaos was targeted because of her rare and distinctive white arrow marking on her chest.

The experienced breeder told Teesside Live: "This was definitely planned as it was too organised to be a random burglary.

"My heart sank, we are all gutted. Kaos is only a baby.

"We don't know if she's been fed, we don't know where she is being looked after properly or anything.

"We have three dogs and they all came from the same litter so they have been together since birth."

Caitlyn and Anth are now issuing a £1,000 reward in hopes to catch the culprit and encourage people to bring their beloved dog back.

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