Can you answer Radio 2 'cheat's' pop quiz questions? Try them here

New ‘Poundland Popmaster’ Radio 2 quiz is hit by cheating claims over winning contestant’s suspicious four-second pauses before each answer – but how quickly can you answer the controversial questions?

  • Contestant ‘Sheila’ is accused of cheating while appearing on ‘Ten To The Top’
  • Her four-second pauses before correctly answering question were ‘suspicious’ 

Radio 2’s new replacement for Ken Bruce’s beloved Popmaster is just five days old but it has already found itself embroiled in a ‘cheat’ scandal. 

‘Ten To The Top’ launched on Monday following the final show of Scottish broadcasting veteran Ken Bruce on Friday. 

And on Thursday, the new music quiz – branded a ‘Poundland Popmaster’ – welcomed contestant Sheila, who became the first person to bag a perfect score of 65.

But fans of the mid-morning radio show have since accused her of cheating after becoming suspicious of Sheila’s four-second pauses before she answered her questions. But the BBC has insisted she won the show fair and square. 

Now, as the controversy surrounding Sheila’s perfect win continues to rage, can you answer her questions in under four seconds? See below for the quiz.

Social media users have accused contestant ‘Sheila’ of being a ‘blatant cheat’ during Thursday’s installment of ‘Ten To The Top’ – the replacement for Ken Bruce’s legendary Popmaster music quiz

Veteran DJ Ken Bruce stepped down from his popular BBC Radio 2 show last week and is set to be succeeded by Vernon Kay in April

Can you answer all of Sheila’s questions? 

1: Coming up is the hook of the 2007 number one by a Swedish singer but who is she?

2: Who wrote and sang the 1972 hit ‘American Pie’?

3. Who had back-to-back hits in 2011 with the songs ‘Grenade’, ‘Marry You’ and ‘The Lazy Song’?

4: ‘Autobahn’ gave which German band their biggest UK chart hit of the 70s?

5: In 1991 the song ‘Wiggle It’ became the biggest chart success for which group?

6: ‘A Winter’s Tale’ was hit at the start of 1983 for which singer?

7: I’m going to play you the intro to a 1984 top-10 hit by Scritti Politti. Which famous singer is mentioned in the title of the song?

8: ‘You’re Gorgeous’ became the second chart hit for which act when it got to number three in 1996?

9: ‘Love is the Law’ was the first of four songs that reached the top 20 during 1997 for which band?

10: The title song to the movie Pretty in Pink gave which band their biggest hit in 1986?

The answers are at the bottom of the article 

Furious listeners have accused contestant Sheila of secretly using her phone to help her answer questions while appearing on the pop quiz, hosted by Gary Davies. 

Speaking during the show, Sheila said: ‘It’s too good to be true – all the questions and groups that I know, the questions came up.’ 

And people on social media appear to agree that her apparent run of good fortune was just lucky, with some branding the digital project manager an ‘obvious and blatant’ cheat 

One tweeted: ‘Obvious, blatant and unconvincing cheating on #Radio2’s #10totheTop. I wouldn’t want Sheila on my pub-quiz team! What a shame.’

While another quipped:  ‘What a pity to hear such blatant cheating on 10 to the Top. I don’t know how you stop it but it certainly spoils it for the listener. Sheila was no Popmaster.’

‘There is no doubt at all that Sheila was cheating or she was a stooge given the answers in advance. Like she knew who the Psychedelic Furs were! It’s an awful replacement for PopMaster,’ added another user.

While one fan, referring to the recent Twitter storm caused by Gary Lineker, said: ‘Another BBC Gary at the centre of a big row today. You’d think they could do without it.’

The BBC has insisted Sheila won the show fairly, with a spokesperson telling The Sun: ‘Prior to going on air, all Ten To The Top contestants are asked to participate alone with no assistance, books or devices, and we’re confident that all players just use their music-filled brains.’

The contest sees two competitors going head-to-head to answer 10 music questions. Winners can bag themselves a smart speaker. 

But the show has been rubbished by listeners for being a carbon copy of Ken Bruce’s beloved Popmaster. 

One person tweeted: ‘What is this garbage on Radio 2? Don’t mind Gary Davies but absolutely no point in having a quiz which is like a Poundland Popmaster.’

Social media users have lashed out and accused Sheila of cheating, saying her four-second pauses were ‘suspicious’ 

Radio 2 presenter Gary Davies (pictured) is hosting the new ‘Ten To The Top’ quiz as he sits in on Ken’s former mid-morning slot 

The Scottish DJ was a Radio 2 legend after hosting his show for over three decades. His exit follows a slew of similar departures from BBC DJs in an ongoing agesim row

Another added: ‘It’s a Popmaster Champions League carbon copy! Anyway, back to GHR.’

Other players insisted the scoring system was ‘confusing’ and made it harder to participate alongside. 

The quiz is slated to continue when Vernon Kay takes over Bruce’s old slot in the schedule, having become a firm fan favourite. 

A BBC spokesman said: ‘Radio 2 listeners have enjoyed a weekday music quiz at 10.30am for decades and this will continue with our brand new quiz, Ten To The Top, for our new mid-morning show.’

Radio 2 has been accused of ageism after a mass departure of some of its best-known hosts. 

Paul O’Grady, 67, Vanessa Feltz, 60, and Simon Mayo, 64, have all bid adieu from the station in recent months.

A source told the Sun: ‘Ken is Europe’s most listened-to DJ and has nothing left to prove at the BBC.

‘He’s had an incredible time working there and is so grateful for the loyalty of all his listeners.

‘But in recent years, there’s been a noticeable shift in direction, with a drive to attract a younger audience.’

Answers to Sheila’s questions:  1. Robyn; 2. Don McLean; 3. Bruno Mars; 4. Kraftwerk 5. Two in a Room; 6. David Essex; 7. Aretha Franklin; 8. Babybird 9. The Seahorses; 10. Psychedelic Furs.

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