Carpet cleaning trick leaves TikTokers shocked after woman uses a lint roller and turns up a 'disgusting' pile of debris

A CARPET cleaning trick left TikTokers shocked after a woman used a lint roller and turned up a "disgusting" pile of debris.

The cleaning tip was shared on TikTok by user @cloverk8, whose name is Kit, according to her profile.

"I saw an ad for this lint roller tool on Instagram and a lot of people were saying they used it to clean their carpets so I bought it and I'm going to see if it works for not," she explained as she held up the gold lint roller tool.

She then showed herself scraping the carpet with the lint roller.

Piles of hair, dust, lint, and other particles instantly came up from the carpet.

"Oh my gosh," Kit said as she used the tool.

She told her users she does vacuum her carpets – revealing that the tool pulled out hidden mess from the carpet that even the vacuum couldn't get.

Kit shared a large pile of lint and other fibers pulled up from just a small area of her home.

She then showed her TikTok followers the result from using the lint roller on her entire room.

"That is truly disgusting," she said as she showed off a huge pile of hair, mixed with other particles and dust.

"Imagine what this would look like if you had pets," she said.

TikTokers were stunned by the cleaning tip.

"Thanks ladies and gents I have solidified my option and I HATE CARPETS," one user commented.


One user said: "i have never purchased anything so quickly."

"I bought this lint roller weeks ago but never thought to use it on the carpet. I have a dog & vacuum 2x a week. But….I got a pile of hair from this," another person wrote.

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