Carranza protégé takes ‘personal time’ after prior scandals exposed

The California man tapped by DOE Chancellor Richard Carranza to improve the city’s struggling schools has taken “personal time” after The Post reported his disciplinary history and resignation from a former job over mismanaged funds.

Abram Jimenez abruptly took time off from his $205,416-a-year post as “senior executive director of continuous school improvement” and did not show up on Monday morning.

“Abram has taken personal time this week to tend to unanticipated items,” said an email sent at 10:34 a.m. Monday by Michael Fenton, a Department of Education administrator.

Fenton added that he would ”support” Jimenez by reducing the messages sent to him.

“In the interim, I ask that you please remove him from any correspondence and loop me into anything that needs his attention,” Fenton wrote.

Jimenez’s sudden absence comes after an email he sent to his staff on Friday, alerting them to a weekend “ ‘extra, extra!’ moment” about some of his past experiences, apparently referring to an upcoming Post report.

“While it is painful to have my life in the public eye in this way, I have been working hard — with the support of Chancellor Carranza and (First Deputy Chancellor Cheryl) Watson-Harris — to remain focused on our agenda of helping schools improve so our students can go as far in life as they can possibly dream.”

The Post reported that Jimenez, 42, resigned as assistant principal from a Chula Vista, California, school in 2011 after officials found $92,295 in unpaid bills and funds plundered from student clubs he oversaw.

It also reported that Jimenez, as a teacher and football coach in 2003, was slapped with a 90-day suspension, which was stayed in lieu of three years’ probation, for using abusive language with students, including profanity, sexual innuendo and name-calling, among other misconduct.

Department of Education spokesman Will Mantell said Jimenez is taking vacation days to extend a visit with family in California, and will return next week.

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