Chilling Google maps pic shows 'bodies about to buried in freshly dug graves' but shots may not be what they seem

CHILLING Google Maps photos appear to capture two freshly buried corpses in their graves. 

The frightening snaps show the bodies lying side-by-side in what looks like two graves dug into a ditch – but the shots are not quite what they seem. 

The eerie looking graves are a perfect rectangle shape – and appear to be sized perfectly for the bodies. 

But the photos are not quite what they seem.

According to the Daily Express, the men pictured in the graves are in fact a married couple acting out a piece of artwork. 

The piece, entitled ‘Untitled (Graves)’, was created by Chicago-based artists Dutes Miller and Stan Shellabarger.

The pair had previously run a show at the Western Exhibitions art gallery in the Illinois city. 

Western Exhibitions’ Principal Scott Speh said: "Dutes Miller and Stan Shellabarger each dig a grave in correlation to their individual body sizes.

"They then lay in the grave and dig sideways so that they can hold hands eternally, metaphorically speaking.

"This iteration of the piece was completed in Portland, Oregon as part of the Time Based Arts Festival put on by the Portland Institute of Contemporary Art.

"The festival provided a crane so that this piece could be photographed straight-on, from a distance."

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