China mimics possible Taiwan invasion as troops launch mock landings in chilling footage

Chinese military conducts a landing operation exercise

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The Chinese military has released footage of a landing operation exercise carried out by the People’s Liberation Army Navy. The drills come amid concern Xi Jinping is preparing China for a war to take over Taiwan. The Chinese Communist Party has long held Taiwan to be a right part of the People’s Republic of China with the population of the self-governing island living under the constant fear of a sudden invasion. 

In the footage, amphibious landing craft can be seen making their way onto a Chinese Navy transport ship.

The armoured personnel carriers are later shown crammed into the hull of the ship.

Next, the landing crafts are launched and the Chinese soldiers on board are driven towards the target beach.

Later the vehicles are shown returning to the mother ship after carrying out the mock operation. 

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It comes after China expert Gordon Chang warned that the Chinese leadership are “clearly thinking about invading somebody.”

Mr Chang told Fox Business: “This is getting ominous because the Wall Street Journal yesterday reported that China is trying to sanction prove its senior officials.

“Now they wouldn’t do that unless they were thinking they were going to do something which we would impose sanctions on them, like invading Taiwan or some other nation.

“So the Chinese military is always constantly trying to improve itself to get itself more ready.

Expert warns off China from invading Taiwan

“Clearly they’re thinking about invading somebody.”

US President Joe Biden and his new South Korean counterpart agreed on Saturday to hold bigger joint military drills in the region.  

Mr Biden said the US-South Korean alliance was built on opposition to changing borders by force – an apparent reference to Russia’s war in Ukraine and China’s claims over Taiwan.

Although White House officials have sought to play down any explicit message of countering China, it is a theme of Biden’s trip and one that has caught the eye of Beijing.


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“Jake Sullivan said that Biden’s trip to Asia is not aimed at confronting China,” Chinese envoy for Korean affairs Liu Xiaoming, said on Twitter, referring to Biden’s national security adviser.

“We hope that the US will match its words with deeds and work with countries in the region to promote solidarity and cooperation in the Asia-Pacific, instead of plotting division and confrontation.”

Last Thursday, US national security adviser Jake Sullivan said that President Biden may talk with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping in the coming weeks.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if, in the coming weeks, President Biden and President Xi speak again,” he told reporters aboard Air Force One.

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