Coronavirus cover-up: Chinese scientist breaks cover on Wuhan outbreak – documents leaked

China: Wuhan lab say they have ‘obtained coronavirus from bats’

In leaked documents from whistle-blowers within the Chinese health system, data shows underreporting of the disease from the beginning of the outbreak. The documents revealed how health authorities marked documents as internal or confidential in order to stop the true cause of the disease being reported. Journalists were also issued strict reporting orders, blocking the true horrifying figures from being released to the world.

As shown by the documents passed to CNN, cases were split into “confirmed”, “clinically diagnosed” and “suspected” cases. 

By doing this, health experts now claim it was near impossible to establish the true numbers of the coronavirus outbreak.

In one example, data showed official figures had reported 2,478 cases as of February 10.

In fact, 5,918 cases were identified on the day in what comes as one of the more significant leaks to emanate from China.

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A laboratory technician told the Press Association it became “mission impossible” to confirm new cases of the virus in Wuhan while the Communist Party also forced local agencies to pass over any data to the central government.

Staff at the Centre for Disease Control also claimed practises were so abnormal they were convinced testing was being blocked.

A doctor at a Zhongnan Hospital raised the alarm over the obstruction of the data and criticised the criteria for how cases were reported.

Health officials at the hospital told government authorities of the worsening situation in January.

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On visiting the hospital, officials acknowledged symptoms similar to the Sars coronavirus outbreak in 2002 but then set strict reporting standards.

One doctor told Caixin news: “Very few people would get diagnosed based on those criteria.

“The head of our hospital told them this multiple times during this period.

“I know other hospitals were doing the same.”


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China was the first country to report a case of the virus and currently has 86,619 confirmed cases.

However, world leaders have questioned the true outbreak of the virus in the country.

Outgoing US President Donald Trump has led calls for an independent investigation into the virus and had claimed to have evidence into an alleged cover-up – although the details were not released.

This week, Chinese officials announced they will speed up approval of its domestically made coronavirus vaccine.

China has five vaccines currently in production and are being tested in states such as Russia, Mexico and Egypt.

Officials, however, have not stated how they will role out the vaccine for the 1.4 billion people.

There has also been no word on the side effects of the drug from Chinese officials.

Over one million healthcare workers and others deemed high-risk have received experimental vaccines for emergency use.

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