Councillor feels Alberta municipal affairs minister considers Edmonton city council ‘urban pinkos’

While tabling a request for a report on housing at Wednesday’s Community and Public Services Committee, Councillor Michael Walters ripped Edmonton’s Members of the Legislative Assembly for what they’re not saying.

“All Edmonton MLAs are complicit in this issue of Edmonton being ignored on this important topic,” Walters said.

He had just asked for an action plan to create “bridge housing” in the city, as well as a report on what the cost would be to create needed supportive housing (in four locations in Edmonton) alone, without the help of the province or the federal government.

Walters said, quite often, federal money is tied to provincial money, which explains why he wants to know what’s possible without both levels of support.

Walters was especially upset at the stance taken so far by Municipal Affairs Minister Kaycee Madu.

“We do not have a champion in the Alberta Legislature at the moment on this issue.

“Our lone government MLA seems to care way more about what the chamber of commerce has to say about everything than Edmonton City Council does, who I suspect he sees largely as just a bunch of urban pinkos who just spend money wastefully.”

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