Couple who sexually abused two kids for years, finally convicted more than 10 years later

A SICK couple who sexually abused their children for years have finally been convicted – more than ten years after the abuse was reported.

Lisa Marie Lesher, 41, was handed 738 years in prison for the horrific crimes against her own daughter and step-daughter, with husband Michael Lesher, 54, sentenced to 438.

Michael was tried and convicted last year after the case was reopened some ten years after the initial reports, Morgan County, Alabama District Attorney Scott Anderson said.

He added Lisa Lesher "deserved every day" of her extensive sentence.

The 41-year-old was convicted on two counts of rape in the first degree, four counts of sodomy in the first degree, one count of sodomy in the second degree, one count of sexual torture, and one count of sexual abuse in the first degree.

The couple had been abusing two young girls at their home in Falkville, Alabama for years, reports CrimeOnline.

They case was reopened by Mr Anderson in 2017, shortly after he became DA, at the behest of the vcitims he said.

The attorney added it was "unclear" why it had taken more than ten years to prosecute the pair.

Prosecuting, Kelly Schellack said: "We are thrilled with the sentence in this case.

"The victims suffered for years living with these monsters, and have suffered with the consequences of their actions for over a decade.

“The sentence in this case was well deserved, and gives the victims a sense of closure.”

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