Cruise night motorcycle chase leads to charges for Winnipeg driver

A Winnipeg motorcyclist is facing a number of charges after “cruise night” antics went awry.

Police said they spotted a motorcycle doing a ‘catwalk’ – driving with the front wheel off the ground – on Portage Avenue near Cavalier Drive June 2.

A vehicle with three occupants was also driving erratically alongside the bike. When police turned on their sirens, the bike took off. The driver of the second vehicle was issued tickets for his driving.

The bike was tracked for 40 minutes by the Air1 police helicopter, during which time police said the motorcycle sped up to 180 km/h and ran a number of red lights.

The driver eventually stopped and was arrested. Police discovered he didn’t have a motorcycle licence, and that the bike had no licence plate and was uninsured.

The man, 22, was charged with dangerous operation of a conveyance, fleeing a peace officer, driving with an improper licence, and driving without liability insurance.

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