Dad makes amazing waterslide save in viral TikTok video

Super dad saves the day! Father with lightning-fast reflexes manages to save toddler who wandered into his path as he careened down water slide

  • The mother posted the video, which has garnered over 6million views, in which her family enjoys their 4th of July weekend with a waterslide
  • The father is seen sliding with two of his children down the lengthy slide
  • But suddenly his toddler daughter walks on the the slide directly in their path
  • But dad safely snatches up the baby and carries her to safety
  • The baby seems nonplussed by the expert reflexes that likely prevented injury, but TikTok users were impressed 

Family footage has shown a father’s ‘super dad’ reflexes as he managed to snatch up his baby daughter as he careened down a waterslide to stop her being sent flying. 

Viral TikTok footage posted by mom @rachkreitz, the video shows her husband and their two children enjoying a sunny 4th of July weekend and launching themselves down their a yard-length, home-made water slide. 

But as the three hurtle their way down the slide, their baby daughter appears to take the opportunity to splash in the water at the bottom of the slide. 

In swoops dad. 

The TikTok video shows a family’s youngest stepping into the danger zone and wandering into the puddle at the bottom of their waterslide unbeknownst to the bodies hurtling her way 

Displaying impressive reflexes, the father pushes his other two children aside and swoops in to grab his baby daughter

Despite their differences in speed, the father makes a gentle capture, although his baby doesn’t seem too impressed 

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With arms outstretched, the father expertly pushes his other children aside, snatches his youngest and carries her gently out of harm’s way. 

While the baby appeared nonplussed by the feat, even pouting as she stumbled away, users on TikTok were impressed, and speculated that maybe some special powers were at play. 

The adorable footage has now garnered more than 6million views.

‘Super dad mode activated,’ posted one user. 

Users on TikTok expressed their admiration for the dad, whom they suggested may have deployed super powers in the feat 

‘Amazing save!!!!!! Super dad power,’ replied another.  

‘Nothing harmful here. Just superdad and kids having fun,’ wrote another. 

‘DAD REFLEXES ON POINT,’ another user, apparently excited by the video, replied.

‘Dad was cool trying to make sure she didn’t cry,’ one observant user wrote. ‘She still had tude.’

‘I swear some dads like go into survival mode when it comes to their kids that was bad***,’ and impressed user wrote.  

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