Dad outsmarts his daughter

Crafty dad outsmarts his daughter when she challenges him to pull a $5 bill from under a bottle without touching it

  • Emily, from Palm Beach, Florida, asks her father to remove $5 bill under sanitizer
  • Father tells her he cannot complete the challenge as the note is stuck to bottle
  • As daughter lifts up the bottle to prove him wrong her father snatches the money

This is the comical moment a father thwarts his daughter’s plans to trick him after she challenges him to pull a $5 bill from underneath a sanitizer bottle.

Footage shows Emily, from Palm Beach, Florida, challenge her father to pull out the money without touching or knocking down the bottle placed on top.  

However the quick-witted father seizes the opportunity to accuse his daughter of gluing the money to the bottle.

He then swiftly snatches the bill away when his daughter goes to lift up the sanitizer and prove him wrong.

Emily, from Palm Beach, Florida, tells her father that he has to pull out the $5 bill she has placed underneath the santizer bottle without touching it or knocking it over

The father tells his daughter that he will not be able to complete the challenge as the money is glued to the bottle

During the clip, which was shared on TikTok, Emily explains to her father: ‘So you have to have to get the $5 bill without moving the hand sanitizer or knocking it over. 

‘And if you can’t do then I get the $5.’

With a masterful plan forming in his head, the father comically accuses his daughter of gluing the money to the bottle and carefully watches as she takes the bait.

He tells her: ‘But I can’t do it because that’s glued to the $5 bill.’   

As Emily lifts up the sanitizer bottle to prove it is not stuck to the $5  bill, the father quickly snatches the money

Emily begins to laugh and is shocked as her father outsmarts her and walks away with the $5 bill

As the daughter lifts up the sanitizer to prove to her father the money has not been stuck to the bottle, the father grabs hold of the $5 bill and says: ‘Yes it is.’ 

Emily then sinks her head into her hands as her father proudly walks away with the money and says: ‘That’s not how you do it.’

She later took to the social media platform to write: ‘Dude really played me like that.’

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