‘Devious’ daughter robbed elderly dad of £20k life savings to play slot machines

A "shameless and highly devious" woman who stole £20,000 from her frail 81-year-old dad to fund her gambling addiction after taking on the role of his carer has been jailed.

Yasmin Tattersall, 57, was caring for her now deceased father over a three-year period between March 2016 and September 2019, and was in charge of his debit cards.

Her crimes came to light when two professional private carers complained to another family member about not getting paid.

Tattersall, from Rochdale, admitted theft and has now been jailed for six months after a hearing at Minshull Street Crown Court, the Manchester Evening News reported.

Prosecutor Alison Whalley told the court: "The defendant's thefts came to light after it was found that the care company wasn’t being paid."

The company later got hold of Tattersall's sister, who had to pay up. The defendant was then confronted by her family and admitted she had a gambling addiction.

An estimated £20,000 was taken, but the exact figure isn't known. Barclays have since reimbursed the family to the tune of £13,150.

In a statement read to the court, Tattersall’s sister said: "We want to know how Yasmin could do this to our dad.

"How could you do this to us as a family? You were our sister, we would have come together as a family to help each other as we always did.

"We always lent you money when you needed it. We know you have killed our family with this act.

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"If the pressure was too much, you should have shared this, we would have helped you. It was mum and dad’s money – not yours.

"He was vulnerable, he was 81 and he gave 30-years of his life fighting for this country.

"She has left us destroyed, we hope you realise what you have done. All of our family are devastated and disgusted at your actions."

Tattersall has no previous convictions.

Mitigating, Keith Jones said: "It started as a coping mechanism for her when dealing with a deterioration in her mental health.

"Once it started it snowballed out of control, out of denial and embarrassment she didn’t turn to the family."

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Sentencing her, Judge John Edwards said: "He was vulnerable and had a number of issues, his means were meagre and he relied on his savings and his army pension so just earnt slightly above the threshold for paying for carers.

"They were needed modestly, for help in getting him dressed, making a cup of tea and a sandwich.

"You abused the trust he reposed in you. You have the indignity of sitting in the dock of a crown court, I accept you are remorseful and I accept you are sorry, but this was unforgivable and in your own words – disgusting.

"Having taken on that role you abused that trust over three and a half years and frittered away his life savings on slot machines.

"It was shameless and highly devious – you brought shame on yourself and hurt a lot of people."

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