Dog owner slams ‘prat’ stranger who branded his ‘beautiful boy’ ‘f*****g ugly’

The owner of a partially blind labrador has been left shocked and disgusted after his 'beautiful boy' was branded 'f*****g ugly' by a stranger in the street.

Taking to Twitter, veterinary surgeon Dr James Greenwood complained of the behaviour of the unnamed rent-a-gob who he branded a 'doughnut'.

Dr. James has made something of a name for himself in the veterinary world and regularly appears on programs on the BBC Radio and TV programs discussing the subject.

His labrador Olive is incredibly close to his heart and he once revealed on a blog post the heartbreaking reason for his closed eye.

He said: "Oliver has quite a chequered history. He came into our lives when I was working in equine practice.

"At the time, I had a vet student shadowing me and her Labrador had given birth to a beautiful litter of puppies that had all sold except one. This one puppy had suffered an unprovoked attack at the mercy of an adult Labrador.

"This Labrador fractured Oliver's skull and in the process caused his eye to prolapse. He was only six weeks old, at 11 weeks old we went to visit and decided this one-eyed puppy was the one for us!"

Railing against the treatment of his beloved pet, James took to Twitter to condemn the behaviour.

He said: "My beautiful boy got called ‘f’ing ugly’ in the street today by some prat passing by with his mates. Humans are weird.

"He’s a dog mate. Therefore can’t answer back. He’s not ugly.

"But you just definitely made yourself look properly stupid. Complete doughnut. Jog on."

When news of Oliver's persecution broke, hundreds of people flocked into the comments to reassure Dr James his pet was beautiful.

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One said: "He’s GORGEOUS. I get the occasional nasty comments about my pirate dog, too. They’re just jealous."

Another agreed, writing: "It's so sad to think that someone can tell a word like "ugly" to a dog or even to a human.

"Every animal and special animals are the most beautiful in the world."

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