Donald Trump mocks Joe Biden by sharing post calling the former VP a 'flashlight with a dying battery'

DONALD Trump has mocked Joe Biden by sharing a post calling the former vice president a "flashlight with a dying battery."

The president slammed the 77-year-old Democratic presidential candidate on Tuesday afternoon by sharing a clip of podcasting king Joe Rogan.

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Trump tweeted a short segment from The Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

In the November 2019 podcast episode, Rogan is speaking to journalist Matt Taibbi as he takes a jab at Biden.

In the tweeted video, which has more than three million views, Rogan is heard saying: "Biden, to me, is like having a flashlight with a dying battery and going for a long hike in the woods.

"It is not going to work out. It's not going to make it."

Trump's tweet has since obtained more than 130,000 likes and was retweeted nearly 40,000 times.

Journalist Tim Pool, tweeted in response to Rogan's resurfaced podcast, saying: "It's hard for me to believe Trump will lose in November considering all the polls in 2016 and how Biden is substantially worse than Hillary in many ways."

Rogan has doubted Biden and his mental faculties for a while and has made similar comments in the past.

Last month, Rogan said Biden was “mentally compromised” after the presidential candidate’s "cocaine" gaffe.

In an interview with the CBS reporter Errol Barnett, the former vice president fiercely insisted that he had not, and does not need to take a cognitive exam. 

Biden then launched into a bizarre drug-testing analogy in response.

He said: "Come on, man. That's like saying you, before you got on this program, you take a test where you're taking cocaine or not."

Rogan criticized Biden for this apparent lack of lucidity.

"I believe there is also [a] large group of people that are very uncomfortable with a man who seems to be mentally compromised winning the election and doing so by hiding,” he said on his podcast, according to Fox News.

Trump, 74, and Biden have expressed different opinions about their mental agility.

Earlier this summer, Trump challenged Biden to take the 35-question Montreal Cognitive Assessment, a test designed to detect early signs of memory loss and other mild cognitive impairment.

Trump also suggested Biden may be taking mind-enhancing drugs as he called for tests to be carried out before he and the Democratic nominee go head-to-head in the first presidential debate.

His son, Donald Trump Jr, has also slammed Biden, for showing “symptoms of mental decline daily."

“What does Joe Biden’s staged bike ride have to do w/ the fact that he can’t remember where he is 50% of the time?” Trump Jr. tweeted.

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