Donald Trump’s North Korea ‘nuke us’ quip exposed amid ‘Goodbye Melania’ claim

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US President Donald Trump’s “special friendship” with North Korean ruler Kim Jong-un has been revealed in the new book ‘Rage’ by journalist Bob Woodward. It featured notes exchanged by the two world leaders, which the former business tycoon described as “love letters”. In one extract, ahead of the 74-year-old’s first meeting with Kim in 2017, he was reported to have been left “shaken” and made an emotional goodbye with Melania where he told her “I might not see you again”. The comments came after President Trump joked about the threat of nuclear war with North Korea in a recording shared with

President Trump was criticised for his alleged lack of taste when he made references to the potential outbreak of World War 3, in a recently revealed audio transcript.

The comments were made during a meeting with the Drum Major Institute in Trump Tower, New York, who met the US leader to discuss ways to avoid voter disenfranchisement. 

It was attended by Martin Luther King III, one of the sons of the famous Civil Rights Activist, among others from the think-tank on January 16, 2017. 

Their meeting was four days before Trump was inaugurated and two days before the US public holiday Martin Luther King Jr Day. 

In the recording, which activist Tootsie Warhol shared with, President Trump boasted about having friendships with a number of black celebrities and showed off sports memorabilia. 

The Drum Major Institute met with President Trump to pitch a new photo ID card that they hoped would stop voters from being unable to cast their ballot. 

To close the meeting, President Trump said: “Right, now I need to make sure that North Korea doesn’t nuke us and that Russia doesn’t nuke us!”

Mr Warhol felt that it was an offensive remark to make as the future leader of the US and could have inspired fear – especially coming from someone of such a high position.

He told “It’s good to make some personal connection in a meeting, to maybe have a bit of a laugh to settle the mood but that’s the most serious thing in the world. 

“Nuclear war with Russia or North Korea is the worst thing and it could offend, upset or scare someone. 

“To make a joke about nuclear war is really off-colour and that’s what he did.”

Mr Warhol described the meeting as “incredibly disorganised” with “no rules or script” and despite his comment about Kim Jong-un’s state, President Trump “wasn’t there to discuss foreign relations” with the group. 

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He continued: “This is why it was so odd, I have had meetings with other political figures and you have an agenda and a memo and order to stick to.” 

Mr Warhol, an activist and performer who left his job as a lawyer to become a full-time President Trump impersonator in August last year, decided to share his secret recording in a bid to show what the leader was really like. 

In the clip, President Trump was also recorded stating that he was able to “listen better to the African-American people than anybody. Anybody else in this room”. 

The comments were deemed insensitive, as the leader was at a meeting with Martin Luther King III and a number of members from the Drum Major Institute – a group that aimed to end racial inequality and injustice in the US.

Mr Warhol told “I thought this was going to be a serious meeting with the son of Martin Luther King Jr and he would be more toned down. 

“I was upset as a white person. I can’t imagine how others, like Martin Luther King III felt… It’s a huge concern and I hope that African-Americans especially are very aware.

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“President Trump is a big boy, he said this stuff and now hopefully more people come to the realisation that he’s hurting our democracy and communities across the United States.

“Even though he was funny on ‘The Apprentice’ he should not be President.”

The anti-Trump activist urged people to vote for Democrat candidate Joe Biden in the upcoming election. 

He said: “In the US everybody agrees that this is the most dramatic year after George Floyd and coronavirus – it’s the election for our lives and I hope our new president is Biden.”

When contacted by, the White House did not deny the comments were made by President Trump and did not elaborate on the quote about North Korea. 

But they did state: “Donald Trump’s record as a private citizen and as president has been one of fighting for inclusion and advocating for the equal treatment of all. 

“Anyone who suggests otherwise is only seeking to sow division and ignore the President’s work for underserved communities.

“The President is grateful for his support among Black Americans, and their many contributions to helping make America great.” 

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