Elle Brooke says she threw up McDonald’s meal all over bloke after sex act

OnlyFans sensation Elle Brooke has revealed that she once threw up her veggie McDonalds wrap and a banana milkshake all over her boyfriend whilst the pair were in the middle of a sex act.

The Pornhub legend shared a clip of her discussing the unfortunate scenario in a very honest video to her half a million Instagram followers.

Speaking on The Blue Tick Show, Elle admitted: “I was vegetarian at the time and I had eaten a veggie wrap from McDonalds and a banana milkshake and I threw it all up over this guy.

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“I remember it still being f*****g cold and this guy was just lay there and he was staring at it. There was chunder everywhere.”

The influencer, who prides herself on being honest with her fans, was asked by the interviewer in response: “How do guys still talk to you?”

But brave Elle hit back and explained: “Do you not think it’s fun? Oh it’s a bit of sick, come on.

“That was only once but I think it was because I had genuinely eaten so much and I had d**k at the back of my throat.”

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The porn star is known for not holding back whilst revealing intimate details of her life and recently came under fire for posting a gruesome photo of an injury to her toenail.

She revealed it as "looking like a really ugly thumb" and admitting she didn’t have them painted “because my big toenail is currently off".

But the blonde bombshell apparently decided to draw the line at taking photos of the rest of her feet, telling disappointed fans: "I'm not showing you the rest of my feet because it's disgusting.”

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Although Elle is clearly accepting about some parts of her body, this isn't the case all over and she previously admitted to buying a “designer vagina” in surgery.

The OnlyFans star even went as far as to tell fans she had modelled the surgery on a fellow pornstar.

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