Ex-Corrie star outraged as care home staff shut blinds during visit to see nan

Ex-Corrie-actress Leandra Ashton has butted heads with her grandma's care home again when a window visit to the dementia-suffering OAP was cut short by the blinds being pulled down.

The former soap star and her mum, Ylenia Angeli, uploaded a video on Facebook of the incident after previously trying to take the 93-year-old woman to live with them in lockdown but being blocked by care home staff and police.

In the latest video, uploaded today, December 9, Ylenia tries to tell carers at Northgate House in Market Weighton, near York, that her mum Tina Thornborough looks unwell.

"Her colour is very poor, you know, she's quite blue around the lips and her breathing is quite fast and that to me is a cause for concern," she says.

It's not clear what the care worker says in response because their voice is muffled by the glass.

Ylenia then screams "don't take her away" and frantically bangs on the window as staff move Tina's wheelchair and shut the blinds.

She later told The Sun Online that the window visits were "appalling" and it was impossible to communicate through the glass.

Ylenia said: "I had to kneel on the concrete and try to get through to my mother.

"They gave me 15 minutes, after about 10 that kicked off.

"It was appalling. I was absolutely shaken at the sheer callousness, at the way my real concerns were not being taken on board."

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Ylenia said she was "beside herself" as she watched helplessly when her mum was wheeled away.

She added: "It's just like, 'My god, is this really happening? Is this really Britain?"

Leandra, who played Saskia Larson in Coronation Street, earlier explained that her mum wants to care for her grandma at home and worried that was "deteriorating" away from her family.

"She is a nurse. She is a fully qualified nurse who is wishing to care for her own mother," she said tearfully.

Leandra added: "Nan we love you and we're going to fight for you."

Northgate House, which is rated "good" by the Care Quality Commission, is legally responsible for Tina's care and Leandra has previously explained that her family does not have power of attorney for her nan.

The Daily Star contacted Northgate House by telephone and was told by a member of staff that the care home could not comment on the incident for data protection reasons.

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