Ex-WWE star boasts he’s had sex with a million women but fans aren’t having it

Ex-WWE star, Virgil has bragged that he has sex with a million women worldwide, but fans aren't having any of it.

The wrestling legend made the outrageous boast as guest on The Breadstick Diaries podcast, during which he appeared to pluck the jaw-dropping figure from thing air.

While chatting with host Vinny Vegas, Virgil , 71, agreed to answer questions from fans, one being: "What's your number Virgil, how many girls?"

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"I don't know, maybe like… worldwide? Probably a million," Virgil, real name Michael Jones, says.

Vinny starts to laugh as he challenges Virgil on the number, saying: "Virgil, come on, a million?"

Remaining steadfast to his claim, the WWE legend replies: "Yep, you've got like how many people in the world?"

Vinny follows this up with: "So you’re claiming right now, you’re telling me, your estimated number of women you had sex with is a million?”

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When Virgil replies that it could have been, the podcast host points out this figure is higher than Ric Flair, another WWE veteran, who claims he has slept with 10,000 women, LADbible reports.

Clearly sleeping with 1,000,000 women is time consuming, even if you did it badly, and so podcast listeners took to the comment section to call Virgil out on his ridiculous claim.

One wrote: "Okay, I did the math: Virgil was born April 7th, 1951. For him to been with 1,000,000 women, that’s an average of one women every 37.5 minutes of his entire life since birth."

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Piggybacking off the first comment, another fan commented: "I did the math as well over 40 years of wrestling. About 60 or so a day lol."

Another wrote: "No way. Ric Flair was THE man and had 10,000+. Sorry Virgil/Vincent/Soul Train Jones I don’t believe it."


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