Fan bashed in ‘brutal attack’ for drunkenly calling England ‘s**t’ in Euro final

An England fan left was battered with his jaw broken in three places after a ‘brutal attack’ at the pub whilst watching the Euro 2020 final.

Konrad Pemberton was at Hanley FC, Stoke-on-Trent, to cheer on the Three Lions against Italy – but his drunken comment calling England “bloody s**t” was all it took to trigger yobs who viciously assaulted him.

The 21-year-old was raced to Royal Stoke University Hospital for an operation and docs have since had to remove some of his teeth.

Now his distraught mum Cecelia Pemberton is urgently begging for witnesses to help as her son has no memory of what happened, reports StokeSentinel.

The 50-year-old, from Adderley Green, said: "He went to Hanley Town, he bought one of the tickets with his girlfriend. Konrad can't remember any information, so I only know what his girlfriend and other witnesses have told me.

"Konrad was very drunk and at the end of the match he turned around and said 'England you're bloody s**t'.

"The next minute this bloke said something to Konrad and Konrad responded by saying 'mate, I don't want a fight'.

"But when he turned around this guy punched him from behind and then in the face and he fell to the ground hitting his head.

"The force knocked him unconscious. People were trying to help but they were getting attacked while trying to get to him.

A nurse was trying to get to him, but they were still attacking him while he was down.

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"Thankfully she managed to him in the recovery position. Lots of people called for an ambulance and he was taken to hospital.

"I got a phone call from his girlfriend saying he was unconscious. I met the ambulance at the hospital, he's still there now."

Konrad, who works for Amazon, is set to have pins, buttons and a plate fitted to his jaw as part of surgery.

But the physical injuries aren’t the only scars he has been left with – he is mentally shaken too.

His mum added: "They've made a right mess of his face. It's going to take six weeks for him to heal.

"He also has a clot on the back of his head and the doctors said he's really lucky that there is no bleeding on his brain.

"This won't just scar him on the outside, it will scar him on the inside as well.

"For his birthday at the end of the month he is supposed to be going to Manchester with his girlfriend and brother, but he is too scared to go to the pub as he's worried about being hit again.

“That's not right, it's his 22nd birthday and he's too scared to go out. It's not good. He said he's lucky to be alive and he doesn't want to push it.

"He's going to lose his confidence to go out, he's normally quite an outgoing lad."

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