‘Fireball’ meteor lights up like ‘full moon’ as it crashes into atmosphere

Residents in Japan were awaken in the early hours when a dazzling object lit up the night sky in bright green colour across several cities.

Witnesses living in the western part of the country reported to have seen a "fireball" display at around 1.35am on Sunday, November 29.

In the astonishing clips shared on social media, the meteor is seen descending towards earth for a few seconds, before emitting a powerful light.

The burning outer space object glows up in neon green and turns the dark sky to bright yellowish orange mid-air.

Within seconds, it diminishes and disappears in the dark.

In another video taken by driver Shoya Kawaguchi, who was driving was in Sakaide city of Kagawa Prefecture, the meteor is seen falling in an instant with a glow.

He described the encounter and wrote: "At first it looked like a streetlight was shining on the windscreen, but then it flashed for a moment.

"I'd seen it on the internet before, but I was really surprised."

Local broadcaster NHK reported that sightings from the central prefectures of Aichi and Mie, as well as other sightings ranged from the Tokai region to the Kinki region across the country.

Experts believed the meteor was one of the brightest of the shooting stars and they have analysed that the final blazing brightness is believed to have been of full-moon magnitude.

Daichi Fujii, a curator at the Hiratsuka City Museum in Kanagawa Prefecture and an expert on fireballs, said: "The speed of the fireball was relatively fast and its final blazing brightness is believed to have been of the full-moon level.

"If we analyse the images observed from multiple locations, we may be able to determine its trajectory and estimate where it came from."

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