Foreign mercenaries are ‘turning their backs on Ukraine and joining the Putin’

A pair of Russian military experts hasve claimed that “foreign mercenaries” are turning their backs on Ukraine and are instead joining President Vladimir Putin's invading army.

From the day Putin ordered his army to step foot into Ukraine, volunteers from several countries around the world – including the United Kingdom – having been stepping up to join the battle to fight back.

But now, a few weeks after Russia officially lost more than 100k troops – although it has been reported to be around 400k if you count injuries – it has now been claimed Putin's army is gaining from those turning their backs on Ukraine.

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Russian military experts Alexander Sladkov and Anatoly Matviychuk made the claims in pro-Kremlin news outlet Moskovskij Komsomolets.

Sladkov said “More and more foreigners are coming to participate.

“Not 'specialist mercenaries', but ordinary guys and men.

“We will have successful powerful shifts – there will be more volunteers in Russia, and the haters of the Anglo-Saxons will be more active.”

And Matviychuk concurred.

He said: “There was information that the Serbs had arrived.

“In what quantity – I do not know, as nobody will say.

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“In general, the Serbs have been fighting on our side since 2014, there is even a sniper unit.

“These data require verification, but there is information that the regular army of Afghanistan, which was trained by the Americans against the Taliban with their coming to power, moved to Europe and now entered under the contract in volunteer units, such as the Wagner Group.”

The expert also shed light on exactly why some of those changing allegiance might want to do such a thing – citizenship.

And he claimed that it was “guaranteed”.

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He added: “Now about 3,500 foreigners are fighting on the side of Ukraine.

“But when Ukraine began to suffer heavy losses in the Donbass – near Artemivsk, Vuhledar, in Soledar, the mercenaries began to massively terminate the contract and leave.”

None of these claims can be independently verified, however.

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