Foul-mouthed mother attacks elderly train passenger for taking her child's seat

Disturbing video footage shows a furious mother attack, threaten and spit at an elderly woman for squeezing next to her child on the train.

The video was shot on a New York City subway and appears to take place in Brooklyn as the mother screams: ‘Gangsta…welcome to Brooklyn bitch!’

Footage of the tense incident shows the woman sitting next to two of the mother’s children, although it is only a two-person seat.

The video, posted to Twitter on Thursday, begins with the mother yelling at the woman, wide-eyed as she shouts: ‘You play with my kid. If that was your kid you’d be OK with that?…So fuck you.’

Each of her statements are punctuated by waving hand gestures and clapping. Every other passenger caught on camera remains quiet, with no-one intervening.

After a brief lull in the mother’s tirade, the woman says: ‘Mind your language,’ which sends the mom into another angry rant.

She says: ‘Mind your ass and move it…before I kick you,’ then tells her daughters to shoves the woman off the seat.

When the girls do not push the woman off the seat, the mother takes action and throws the woman to the ground, shouting: ‘Don’t play with my daughter bitch. I got a child.’

She continues to shout in a gravely voice: ‘You don’t speak English? Tell her what she did wrong. She moved my child out of her seat…This ain’t you’re country. Welcome to America. Gangsta…welcome to Brooklyn bitch.’

Now standing, the woman calls the mother ‘crazy,’ prompting further anger from her foe.

The mother stands up and threatens to spit on the woman. She can be heard clearing her throat, preparing to spit on the woman.

And there is one final burst of drama before the clip ends, when the mother notices the camera filming her and tells the videographer: ‘What are you recording? My dick in your mouth?’

Many tweeters remarked on the mother’s gravely voice, with others discussing who they believed was in the right.

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