Fox News host attacks Biden after poll reveals US voters say President is ‘not in charge’

Biden: ‘Putin laughing on the way to the bank’ says Hannity

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Fox News Host Sean Hannity attacked Joe Biden after a Trafalgar and Convention of States poll revealed around 56.5 percent of respondents believe the US President is not fully executing and directing policy and agenda in the White House. Mr Hannity said it “was not a joke” and was angry that the poll sends a bad message to America’s enemies as he shared recent clips of the president reading from note cards when he appeared in public. While the poll sees many Republicans condemning the president, even Democrats appear to question Mr Biden’s performance as confidence in the president appears to decline.

Speaking on his Fox News show, Mr Hannity attacked Mr Biden over the new poll as he feared America’s enemies will begin to capitalise on the President’s struggles. 

He told listeners: “To begin with a very serious question, this isn’t a joke, who is in charge at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?

“Look at this Trafalgar and Convention of States poll, a majority of the American people believe that it is definitely not Joeseph Biden.

“A whopping 57 percent think that Joe is not fully executing the duties of the office of president.

“In other words, Joe’s not making the decisions, he’s not in charge.

“I know at times on this programme I have joked about this but, honestly, starting tonight this stops, this is not a joking matter.

“America has a president that is now, obviously, cognitively compromised and not only the country sees it our enemies see it.”

The Trafalgar poll surveyed 1086 Americans from a range of demographics and political persuasions. 

Generally, 56.5 percent of respondents believe others are directing duties at the White House with 36.4 percent saying Biden is – 7.1 percent said they were unsure. 

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Over 80 percent of Republicans polled do not believe Mr Biden is in control with 31.7 percent of Democrats saying the same. Of those taking part in the survey, 39.3 percent identified as Democrats, while 35.6 percent identified as Republicans.

In his Fox News show, Mr Hannity makes repeated references to the mental wellbeing of Mr Biden and often mocked the president for his public gaffes. 

Mr Hannity criticised Mr Biden after he said he would “run over reporters” when he was test driving a new car and when he began mumbling during a FEMA meeting when he lost track of his notes. 

He continued: “And this cannot be good for anyone, according to this poll 58 percent of independent [voter] they see it, even 32 percent of Democrats understand Joe’s not really the one in charge.


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“That’s right a third of voters from Joe’s own party believe Joe’s not capable of executing his duties in the office of president.”

Mr Hannity then showed a clip of Mr Biden visiting a pie show where he spoke with employees and was seen holding note cards, appearing to help him during his conversations.

Over the past few months, Mr Biden has been seen clutching note cards during press conferences and public engagements which have confused viewers as to why he needs them.

The Democrat leader also told reporters during a White House press conference that he could not stay for long as he would get in “trouble”.

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