Ghislaine Maxwell pretended to be a prude when grilled on ‘basket of sex toys she kept at Epstein mansion’, files reveal

GHISLAINE Maxwell pretended to be a prude when questioned over having a “basket of sex toys” at Jeffrey Epstein’s mansion, her deposition files have revealed.

The former associate of the paedophile banker squirmed when she was grilled by Epstein accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre’s lawyer, Sigrid McCawley.

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In the 465-page transcription of the deposition she is asked repeatedly: “Did you have a laundry basket of sex toys that you kept in the Palm Beach house?”

Maxwell’s lawyer raised several objections with McCawley repeatedly rephrasing the question.

“You have to define what are you talking about,” Maxwell, 58, answered at one point.

“A sex toy meaning a vibrator of some kind, sometimes they are called dildos, of that nature, anything like that?” the lawyer asked.

Maxwell, who has been accused of “gagging and raping” one victim with a sex toy, replied: “I don’t recollect anything that would formally be a dildo, anything like that.”

“How would you describe sex toys?” McCawley asked, to which Maxwell answered, “I wouldn’t describe sex toys.”

An appeal court ordered the deposition to be unsealed earlier this week in a decision that upheld an earlier one by Manhattan federal Judge Loretta Preska. 

It was part of a previous case filed against Maxwell by Virginia Giuffre, formerly Roberts, a long-standing accuser of Jeffrey Epstein.

The bombshell documents reveal:

  • Ghislaine was grilled about a night out in London with Epstein and a mystery pal.
  • She branded Virginia Roberts an "awful fantasist" who has "lied repeatedly".
  • Her bathtub was too small for any kind of sexual activity, she claimed.
  • Maxwell was grilled over mystery pal using puppet to grope victims.
  • The socialite said ‘there were times' when she considered herself Epstein’s 'girlfriend’.
  • Maxwell confirms Bill Clinton WAS on Epstein’s jet – but ex-US President's name is redacted in docs.

Maxwell was also grilled about whether she took nude photos of Epstein’s alleged underage victims but claimed any pictures she took were family-friendly.

She admitted that some of the photos she took of people “were somehow semi or had some clothing on or no clothes on” but stated “at no time were any of these pictures remotely inappropriate.”

Maxwell added: “The types of — first, I took very few and they were always by request, this was a picture you could put on your — gift to your parent or to your grandparents to put on their mantelpiece.

It would be a very benign sort of attractive picture where you wouldn’t see anything.”

Maxwell is currently behind bars awaiting trial which is due to start in July 2021.

She faces charges she recruited and groomed young women to be sexually abused by her and Epstein.

Epstein killed himself at age 66 in August 2019 at a Manhattan jail while awaiting trial on federal sex trafficking charges announced the previous month.

Giuffre has claimed she was forced as a teen to have sex with Epstein and pimped out to his pals, including Prince Andrew.

The Duke of York has always denied the allegations.

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