Girl, 8, dies after being electrocuted by faulty Christmas lights moments after snap showed her waiting for switch-on

AN 8-YEAR-OLD girl posed for a picture waiting to watch the Christmas lights being switched on with her family – moments before she was electrocuted to death by one of the decorations. 

Julia Honoria Franco suffered an electric shock as she touched an exposed piece of metal on the Christmas decorations in the municipality of Caldas Novas in the Brazilian state of Goias this weekend. 

The parents and their three children were visiting Mestre Orlando Square on Friday for the Christmas light switch on and had arrived around 30 minutes before.

Her mother took a photo of Julia, seen posing sweetly in front of a fountain, before she let the children run around and play. 

In a cruel twist of fate, the deadly decorations which Julia touched can be seen behind her in the photograph.

Julia, who was unaware that a faulty wire had made the entire installation live, was then killed when she touched the exposed wire.

After she was struck by the high voltage-blast of electric, Julia was initially revived at the scene by onlookers. 

However, after being rushed to hospital she succumbed to her injuries and died shortly afterwards. 

Her heartbroken mother, Rejany Honoria de Almedia, said: “What was supposed to be a family outing has become a tragedy.”

“Julia was so happy. When the children were playing close to a metal structure that was going to be a tunnel of lights, she put her hand inside and it got stuck there.”

“My husband picked her up and called the ambulance. She was taken to hospital but had a massive heart attack. She was taken by God.”

Rejany told how her daughter loved to sing in Church and had dreams of becoming a veterinarian. 

Police said the council staff responsible for setting up the Christmas decorations were cooperating with the ongoing investigation. 

They said trained workers, who have been doing the job for 10 years, were responsible for the entire installation

The Civil Police have launched an inquiry to ascertain the circumstances leading up to her death. 

According to an excerpt from the police report by the Military Police, an electrician visited the Square after the incident and conducted a test which found that “approximately 60 metres of the display was energised.”

It has also been reported police have obtained photos that show stripped power cables being used in the assembly. 

Tourism chiefs said the light display will remain off until additional experts had visited the site for a full inspection.


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