Girlfriend appeals for release of jailed lover after his jet ski ride across Irish Sea

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The girlfriend of the British Romeo who was jailed for breaking lockdown rules after riding a jet ski across the Irish Sea to visit her called the lovesick man her “hero” – and begged for him to be sprung in time for Christmas, according to a report.

“He is the best and everyone is right behind him, especially me … my hero,” Jessica Radcliffe, 30, told the Daily Mail about Dale McLaughlan, 28. “What man crosses the sea for a girl unless he was so besotted and completely in love?”

The mother-of-two added: ‘I just want them to release him from prison. At least let him stay over here. He is locked up for 14 days even though he is COVID free.

“I’m sure it will calm down. I had a man cross the Irish Sea for me on a jet ski. I don’t (think) one other women that can say that. He must really love me. My little legend,” she said.

McLaughlan — who never rode a water scooter before and doesn’t even know how to swim — spent four-and-a-half hours on the craft in his madcap dash to visit Radcliffe on the Isle of Man.

A police source also told the Isle of Man Newspapers that the watercraft only had 10 minutes of fuel left after the 25-mile journey, which he initially thought would only take 40 minutes, when he encountered rough weather.

McLaughlan was jailed for four weeks on Monday after admitting to arriving there unlawfully, according to reports.

The off-the-rocker roofer walked 15 miles to his girlfriend’s home Friday, but was arrested after being stopped during a night of drinking.  His defense attorney told a local court that he was suffering from depression from not being unable to see his new gal pal.

McLaughlan was spotted by a villager as he prepared to set off at dawn on Dec. 11 from a remote Scottish harbor — claiming he only wanted to make sure his jet ski was functioning properly before he sold it, the Daily Mail reported.

An alarm was raised after he failed to return to his car and a trailer was left behind. The Coast Guard feared he had drowned amid rough sea conditions.

Former Coast Guard member Alan McGhie, 63, said he went out to walk his dog and saw McLaughlan early that morning.

“He was sitting with the jet ski on the trailer attached to his car. I then took my dog up the cairn and when I was coming back, he was walking over to the slipway. I stopped and put my window down, and I jokingly said, ‘Are you going to the Isle of Man?’” McGhie told the Daily Mail.

“He replied, ‘Oh no, there’s no way, that’s at the bottom end of the Irish Sea’. He said that he was just testing it out because he was selling it to some other guy and wanted to check it was running OK,” he said.

McGhie added: “What he did was crazy. It’s mad enough to go out to sea on a jet ski at this time of year, let alone to go so far out.”

McLaughlan’s former partner Korrin Hastings, 24, the mother of his two young kids, has refused to comment about the misadventure.

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