Gucci Mane & Jeezy Verzuz end 15-year feud during rap battle out of 'respect for rappers killed by gun violence'

RAPPERS Gucci Mane and Jeezy have put an end to their 15-year long feud in a fiery Verzuz battle.

The Atlanta legends made reference to the violence that has surrounded rap culture, shouting out King Von, Nipsey Hussle, Pop Smoke, Mo3 and other rappers killed in gun violence before making amends.

The clash, hosted in Atlanta strip club Magic City, saw the two longtime adversaries go head-to-head before 1.8 million eager viewers.

The stakes were high, with the pair involved in an ongoing feud dating back at least 15 years and involving countless dis records, fights between the two rappers' entourages and even a murder charge.

Their beef stemmed from a disagreement about the rights to Gucci's 2005 single “Icy” featuring Young Jeezy and Boo, which led to a member of Jeezy’s crew, rapper Henry Lee Clark III aka Pookie Loc, getting shot to death after attempting to rob Gucci with four other men. 

Prosecutors ultimately dropped charges against Gucci who maintains that he was acting in self-defence.

However it appears that there may now be some peace established between the artists.

On Thursday, Gucci and Jeezy came face to face trading their iconic hits, while also firing off intense verbal exchanges.

Fans tapped in via Instagram Live and Apple Music on Thursday due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The conflict opened with Gucci performing hits "Round 1" and "Bench Warmer," both of which are disses toward Jeezy.

Jeezy made multiple attempt throughout the livestream to keep it cordial, but it seemed he reached his breaking point.

"When I called you and extended this invite, I did so as a real man," Jeezy said as Gucci kept interrupting.

He claimed he only accepted the invite to be "true" and "street."

The heated exchanges continued, with the two interrupting each other repeatedly throughout the night.

After Jeezy played his hit "All There”, Gucci hit back with: "RIP Bankroll Fresh, he sure saved you on that one.”

Jeezy responded: "Sure did, it went platinum … what you talking about?"

At another point, Gucci criticized Jeezy's outfit.

Gucci said: "My outfit cost 10 bands, look at my opponent man. Look at him."

Jeezy said: "I don't have no $10,000 outfit, but I own half of Atlanta."

The battle eventually took a turn, when Jeezy took a moment to explain to Gucci, and the viewers, why he participated in the battle despite their years-long feud. 

“I’ll tell you what. See when I even called you and extended this invite… I did it as a real man. It’s been 20 m*********ing years.”

Gucci corrected that their feud had been going for 15 years. 

Jeezy said: “OK, well however many, you’re still talking the same s***.” 

Gucci interjected: “I don't wanna talk. I'm through talking. “It's your turn to do the song. Are we gon' do music?"

Jeezy retorted: ”Let me say my piece… I extended my hand because I'm a real man.”

“The s*** we came from in the street, dawg, you see that we been through it … Twenty years.”

“And when I said I wanted to do this s*** for the culture, that’s what I wanted to do.”

“I brought you here to show you the world care about what the f*** we got going on 'cause we are the culture. You feel me? Me and you, where we came from, what we been through.”

At that moment, Jeezy's "Get Your Mind Right" began to play. 

The exchange received mixed reactions, with some viewers applauding Jeezy for appearing so open, and others more amused by Gucci’s intent on getting shots in rather than burying the hatchet.

The Verzuz battle then ended with a performance of ‘So Icy’ – the 2005 hit featuring both rappers that sparked their 15-year-old feud.

Gucci said to his battle opposition: "I appreciate you for extending the olive branch, I respect that.”

“No disrespect, it's all love."

Gucci then announced they were going to a club together.

The two rappers also announced new projects, with Jeezy's "Recession 2" due to drop at midnight. 

Gucci also announced the release of the "Trap God Classics" mixtape during the livestream.

Former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams also made a cameo appearance, encouraging viewers to vote in the Georgia Senta runoff in January. 

Abrams said: ”Thank you for giving me some street cred with my nieces and nephews.”

Gucci asked if she could “wipe his record clean”, with Stacey responding it's up to the governor.

Thursday's battle on Instagram is part of an ongoing series by producers Swizz Beatz and Timbaland. 

It initially launched as a way to entertain fans during quarantine and has since become a cultural phenomenon on social media.

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