Hacker group Xenotime has sights on US electric grid: report

A group of hackers known for targeting oil and gas companies has its sights on the nation’s electric grid.

Xenotime started “probing” the networks of US electric utilities late last year, a study by Maryland-based cybersecurity group Dragos found.

So far, none of the group’s efforts have been successful, but “the persistent attempts, and expansion in scope is cause for definite concern,” the report said. It could also be a signal the group is preparing future cyberattacks.

Electric utilities and other vulnerable companies must prepare for attacks and beef up their cybersecurity capabilities, Dragos said.

Xenotime is the same group behind malware called Trisis that was deployed against a Saudi Arabian oil and gas facility in 2017. It’s the only known group that targets companies with the intent of destroying or disrupting their operations, and it has expanded globally from its original focus on the Middle East.

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