‘Healthy’ boy, 12, passes out and dies on US rollercoaster from mystery illness that’s baffled doctors – The Sun

MYSTERY surrounds the death of a "healthy" schoolboy who died while riding on a rollercoaster in the US.

Brayden Cooper-Douglas, 12, collapsed on the Hoosier Hurricane ride at Indiana Beach and couldn't be revived.

Now medics in White County say – despite carrying out an autopsy   they still do not know why the youngster died.

On Wednesday, a coroner's report provided no conclusive answers over the shocking tragedy.

It revealed an examination showed 'no trauma, injury, congenital abnormalities or toxins' in the youngster's body.

Coroner Tony Deibel said: "Based on all information known to me at this time, I have no determination as to the cause of death of Brayden."

Brayden suffered from an upper respiratory infection before his death, which the medical examiner initially believed may have caused a fatal inflammation of the heart muscle.

However, that has now been ruled out as a potential cause of death.

The boy's parents, Shaeley Cooper and Matthew Douglas, have not yet commented on the coroner’s ruling.

However, they have filed a lawsuit against Apex Parks Group, which owns the amusement park.

The suit claims that 'negligence of the defendant was the proximate cause of the fatal injuries.'

They claim Apex  had an obligation 'to use ordinary care and diligence to keep and maintain premises in a condition reasonably safe for its intended uses.'

The company has not publicly commented on the lawsuit or on the release of the autopsy.

According to the Journal & Courier, the family of another 12-year-old claimed their child was shocked while getting off the same rollercoaster two days after Brayden died.

However, authorities earlier told the publication that the death was not caused by the rollercoaster or the park.

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