Heartbreaking moment home alone cat ‘cries’ on pet camera for owner’s return

A distressed cat has gone viral after a security camera captured him appearing to cry while being left home alone.

Fu Fu, a two-year-old British Shorthair, was captured staring at the camera with teary eyes on February 8.

His owner, Ms Meng, starts speaking to him through the device. She asks: “Do you miss me?” before adding “I will come back in a few days”.

When hears her voice, Fu Fu turns around to look at the door before pawing at the camera.

Ms Meng, who lives in eastern China’s Xuzhou, had gone to her parents’ home in a nearby town to celebrate the Lunar new Year.

But, speaking to MailOnline, she decided not to bring Fu Fu in case he did not her parents’ home.

Her 17-second video has received more than 8 million likes since it was posted to Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok.

The cat owner was so “heartbroken” by the scenes, she cut her trip short to return to her pet.

“I had planned to stay at my parents' home for a week, but we all returned to Xuzhou early,” she said.

And the story had a happy ending. A follow-up video showed Ms Meng finally arriving home – to be greeted by Fu Fu dashing towards her in excitement.

Illnesses such as eye infections or blocked tear ducts can cause weepy eyes in cats, but Ms Meng said her pet was perfectly healthy.

She described Fu Fu as shy and clingy and said it was not the first time he had shed tears while being anxious or hungry.

It is not the first time a cat owner has been left devastated by what their pet camera has caught while they’re out of the house.

Last year, Daily Star spoke to Ida, who vowed never to leave her home again after seeing her feline’s distressed calls.

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