Hero dog saves owner by pouring water on burning blanket to put out fire

A golden retriever was praised for saving his owner's life when he spotted a fire on a blanket at home.

The incredible moment was captured on owner Mr Lin's home-security camera when he received an alert from the app.

In the footage, the pooch walks into the living room and notices a blanket catching on fire on the sofa.

He takes a quick sniff and drags the burning blanket off the sofa into the corridor where a bucket of water is left in the corner.

The dog then tilts the bucket off and pours the water on the floor in an attempt to put out the fire.

Mr Lin, from the city of Qiqihar in north China's Heilongjiang province, told local media ZF channel: "The cigarette butt dropped onto the blanket and started a fire.

"It was just my grandfather and my dog staying at home at that time and he (grandfather) went to the room and took a nap."

He also explained that the water bucket was placed in the corridor for cleaning purpose.

"We used that water to clean his (the dog's) feet every time we came back home from a walk," the owner added.

"He somehow knows how to put out the fire by pouring water over the blanket.

The clip has been widely shared on Douyin where viewers praised the dog's incredible save.

"This dog is so smart! The owner should give him special dog treats," one wrote.

"That's one brave golden retriever, I wish mine could do the same," another added.

Golden retrievers are considered the fourth smartest dog breed behind border collies, poodles and German shepherds.

According to a study from American Psychological Association, dog's mental abilities are close to a human child aged two to two and a half years old.

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