Hidden messages left by NASA staff from Apollo 11 mission found by TikTok user

Hero astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin touched down on the moon on July 20, 1969, in what was viewed around the world as a landmark achievement for mankind.

It's now been 52 years exactly since the historic moon landing and a TikTok user and computer scientist has shared some funny trivia from the space mission.

In her video, @izzacodes shows some of the unearthed Apollo 11 code left behind by NASA programmers as they shared their thoughts about the sometimes annoying and tedious job.

The code was uploaded onto GitHub (a website where programmers make, share and discuss code) and is titled "Original Apollo 11 Guidance Computer (AGC) source code for command and lunar modules".

As the TikToker scrolls down, bizarre comments such as "all's well", "trashy little subroutines", "numero mysterioso", and "temporary, I hope hope hope" are visible among the code.

In programming, comments are supposed to be simple descriptions of what task is being performed at a given point but it seems the NASA coders decided to embellish it a little.

Since she uploaded it, the clip has been watched more than 50,000 times and people are in stitches – with hundreds leaving comments.

One person said: "I love that literal NASA scientists can leave their funny little comments but I can't leave mine in my CS class because that's 'unprofessional.'"

"Better than your entire code being if and else statements," said a second user.

A third user shared: "'Yes all's well' IS SO FUNNY TO ME."

The code had been in the public domain for years but it was only fully deciphered after being uploaded to code-sharing site GitHub in 2016 by NASA intern Chris Garry.

While there is undeniable evidence that the three famed NASA astronauts landed on the moon in 1969, conspiracy theorists still bizarrely maintain that it was faked.

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