Hitman who killed Trainspotting star ‘lives in fear’ of fellow inmates’ violence

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The man dubbed “pound-a-day killer” after killing actor Bradley Welsh has told of his “fear” of reprisals for the murder while in prison.

The hitman, who was jailed for 28 years for the shooting of the T2 Trainspotting star, was convicted in May.

The incident took place outside the 48-year-old actor's home in Edinburgh in 2019, with his young child and partner inside.

He was allegedly given £10,000 to kill the man by a gang leader, which was linked to a feud between two clans – Lyons' and Daniels.

But Sean Orman is now claiming that he fears for his life, despite being protected in a maximum security prison, the Daily Record reports.

A source in the prison told the Daily Record: “Orman was walking about like a hard man because he had murdered someone.

“But one of the other prisoners told him, ‘you’re just the ‘Pound-A-Day Killer’, and the name stuck.

“If he got paid £10,000 and serves 28 years then £1-a-day is about right.

“But Orman knows he’s got a target on him for the rest of his life.

“The Daniels lot will never forget what happened.

“Orman has people watching his back but he knows it wouldn’t take much for someone to wait for their chance and take it.

“Orman goes around in a stupor most of the time – he’s got to live with the 28 years and being a marked man.”

A Scottish Prison Service spokesman refused to comment on the source's claims when questioned by the Daily Record.

During the trial, a court was told how Orman shot Mr Welsh from just one metre away, with a shotgun.

He was then chased down by police in a stolen Audi, driving at more than 123mph.

When sentencing him, judge Lord Beckett said: “To shoot an unarmed man as he approached his own house was cowardly, as well as a wicked, thing to do.

“His partner and young child were inside when you ended his life, apparently in expectation of payment.

“As a result of your actions Mr Welsh lost his life in his 40s and his family and friends lost him forever.”

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