Homes invaded by skin-eating silverfish bugs that lay 60 eggs a day

People are being warned to look out for fish-like bugs which are moving indoors for warmth and shelter in the colder months.

Silverfish are known to try to escape colder temperatures and lay up to 60 eggs a day while feeding on dead skin cells and hair.

One pest control company in Dublin, Rentokil, has already had a surge in calls recently, with the bugs accounting for almost half (46%) of all callouts in October.

A worker told DublinLive: ‘While silverfish aren’t dangerous, they can become a major inconvenience because of their appetite for starch and cellulose, which can lead to them damaging valuable items by feeding on them.’

Silverfish do not have wings so they crawl around eating through wallpaper, books, curtains and cereal boxes.

They prefer damp conditions and lay their eggs in tiny openings or cracks, leaving many people oblivious to their infestations.

If you do suspect you are living with the bugs, keep an eye out for their peppercorn lookalike droppings.

You can also spot them with the skin they leave behind when they shed.

To prevent the bugs from taking over your home, make sure you keep the house clean, keep areas dry by fixing any leaks, use a dehumidifier to dry up the air and keep food in sealed containers.

If you already have a silverfish infestation, there are some homemade repellents and traps you can use before calling pest control services.

Honey and salt traps can help catch any bugs wandering around, according to experts.

Keeping garlic, lemon, lavender and oranges around should also help to push silverfish away – as they hate the smell.

You can also put cinnamon, cedar oil, cloves and salt where you think you have seen the bugs.

However, you will most likely have to call professionals if the silverfish have already laid eggs and are living in your house.

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