Horrified man spots flames rising up flat after fire alarms fail to go off

A man has luckily escaped unscathed from his apartment after noticing his building was on fire – despite the alarms failing to detect the smoke.

John, 26, who lives in Florida, issued a warning to viewers and urged people to check with their landlord to make sure the fire safety equipment is working.

Sharing his personal experience on TikTok, he posted a home security video to show how he managed to flee to safety with his cat and dog.

In the video, an overlay caption reads: "That one time I noticed my old apartment starting to catch on fire.

"I looked at the window and saw a bunch of flames coming up the building."

But John remains calm and gets dressed quickly before he takes his pets out of the flat.

"I looked again and the flames had doubled in size," he continues.

"My cat started to smell the smoke and got scared then hid, but I found him quickly and we got out."

It becomes clear when the smoke starts billowing into his apartment from the window.

John soon returns to close his window because he notices embers burning and during the whole time, no fire alarms can be heard.

Minutes later, firemen arrive and an explosion can be heard from downstairs.

In a follow-up video, he confronts his apartment manager about the fire alarms not going off. The building manager’s face is never shown, but the two are heard arguing over the state of the complex.

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"I hope this reminds everyone to check their alarms and have stuff ready to go in case," he added in the comments.

Viewers praised for John's quick move to get the animals to safety and pet owners said they could learn from him.

"Your actions and reactions are super important, people should learn from this video," one wrote.

A second penned: "This is why it's so important to have a pet carrier on hand just in case, good thing you reacted so well and quickly."

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